Why am I in this boring, double standard relationship ?

What the actual FUCK ?

My twitter has been tainted with people I actually know following me, so there goes my outlet.

I’m with someone who probably believes that texting first is evil, I’m convinced he gets tired of me and stops replying WHY ARE WE TOGETHER THEN ?

I don’t get this. I give this relationship until October and that’s so sad because I feel it had so much potential. In all honesty, I miss my ex boyfriend as a friend. Ridiculous, that is ridiculous.

Is it just a thing? For me to date guys who make me feel like I’m a burden ? Like I’m not wanted by them ? Actions are always stronger than words and considering within the past eleven days that you have made no effort to see me, amongst other things, I do not understand.

Is it just to say that you have someone ? That you have me ? BECAUSE I could easily be out here soaking up attention from every guy who’s always giving it to me and I’m not. Because I’m your girlfriend. What the fuck does that even mean.

I dead don’t think this little shit even knows me well enough to appreciate the things that I do and to realize when I’m doing something outside of my individual level of security. The amount of times I’ve dropped my pride and detoured arguments is ridiculous. THIS is ridiculous. This is BORING. WHY AM I IN A BORING RELATIONSHIP?

Like omfggggg texting shouldn’t be so boring. It’s worth an effort . As in, an effort to fucking see me so that we don’t have to text since you only want me when you can see me.

I love the kid but I’m not so sure about all this extra bullshit, it shouldn’t even be a problem.

This is stupid. I’m done .


I really just don’t feel wanted ..

What the fuck am I doing ? *sighs*

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I really just don’t feel wanted ..

What the fuck am I doing ? *sighs*

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